South Pacific Christian Ministries

You Can Change A Life!

You Make a Difference!

We can make a dramtic impact on the small island communities throughout the South Pacific with your help. You may not be able to travel to those distant lands, but by enabling the work through your donations, you become a part of everything we do. The fruit of our labor becomes your fruit; the Blessings of our labor becomes your blessings, when you sow your financial seed into this ministry. Seed that will produce great fruit.

The ministry that we do and will do, changes lives now and for eternity. In fact, it is eternity that is the real focus. By touching lives that are often overlooked we become becons of God's Love drawing those who are lost to Him. By equiping believers in those places, we enable them to have a greater impact on their communities. You can be a part of this great work.

Be a Part!

Your monthly or one time donation makes a difference!

The best way to make a donation is via Zelle or by mailing us a check.


We do offer a PayPal donation page, but there is a cost to us.

Just scan the QR Code image to the Paypal donation page for South Pacific Christian Ministries/ Bridges of Light Ministries or

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You can also make a donation via GiveSendGo

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